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For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Email Address. Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Book Abstract: Details the paradigms of opportunistic spectrum sharing and white space access as effective means to satisfy increasing demand for high-speed wireless communication and for novel wireless communication applications This book addresses opportunistic spectrum sharing and white space access, being particularly mindful of practical considerations and solutions.

Discusses aspects of pioneering standards such as the IEEE This book addresses this necessity through its extensive coverage of opportunistic spectrum sharing and white space access solutions. It will also draw on other changes, such as the emergence of data localisation laws in China, Indonesia, and India, and some of the laws closer to the GDPR such as Brazil. The world is waking up to the fact that you need both strong security systems in place and privacy technology to ensure comprehensive data protection.

There is no privacy without security. Strong privacy protection helps to unlock data for new purposes and makes the job of the security team a lot easier. Join this session to learn: - How robust security controls are not enough to protect your data fully - How the focus is shifting from the perimeter to implementing privacy controls on the data itself - How privacy technologies and access controls work hand-in-hand to ensure your data is protected. Privitar's Privacy Pulse presents the latest from our annual survey of consumer and business attitudes to data privacy.

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Covering the US, UK and France, this research will help you to get a comprehensive view of how your customers think about privacy — and what holds your peers back from using their data to the full. Watch Alexandra Mitchell, our Business Intelligence Lead, talk about the survey and why it matters and download the attached survey results. Data Privacy Day Data is changing the world.

We are faced with incredible opportunities to use data for good, but it has to be done in the right way, with respect for the customer. The risks of not protecting customer privacy are significant. Get data privacy wrong and your customers will quickly turn on you and you will face significant regulatory fines. This session will focus on how to innovate with data in the age of privacy, Tune in live for the following insights: - The risks of not protecting data privacy - How privacy can be an enabler for data-driven decision making - Steps to improve your data privacy stance Jason will also explore the results of the Privitar Privacy Pulse - an extensive survey of business and consumer attitudes towards data privacy.

Data Privacy Day Every industry is undergoing a data driven revolution. The use of data is making companies innovate faster, make better informed business decisions, find efficiencies, and understand what their users want and how to deliver it for them. This interactive session will explore some of the key considerations and best practices organisations should employ when looking to de-identify personal data.

How can you reconcile the two? This session will unveil the results of a wide-ranging data privacy survey, during which we asked 5, consumers and 1, B2B leaders across the UK, US and France for their thoughts on data privacy and data protection. The webinar will feature experts from industry, policy and academia discussing the issues raised by the results, and their implications for your business. The key learnings from the report will also be available as a ready-to-download attachment for you to access and share.

There is significant digital transformation going on across the healthcare sector, driven by exciting new technological developments including machine learning and advanced analytics. Healthcare providers are looking to use data science to dramatically improve clinical outcomes and create operational efficiencies across the healthcare system, however making data available for this purpose is challenging given the sensitive nature of the information.

Join this session to understand: - The significant value of healthcare data and ways it can be put to effective use. Join this interactive session to understand how healthcare data can be used and the privacy controls that you need to put in place to ensure it's sufficiently protected. Theresa Stadler, Data Scientist, Privitar. Sensitive information about individuals can be recovered from different types of data releases, including aggregate statistics or machine learning models.

This session will address the privacy risks in publishing analysis results and introduce data privacy techniques to defend against them. Theresa Stadler, Data Scientist at Privitar, will explain differencing and reconstruction attacks on simple summary statistics such as count tables, along with discussing the privacy risks of supervised machine learning.


Some of the takeaways of the session include: - Reasons to be concerned about the privacy of training data - The attacks on machine learning models that can occur and what private information about individuals in the training data can be recovered - A simple example of a black-box privacy attack on a classifier, a common machine learning model - An introduction to the differential privacy framework that functions as a privacy-enhancing technology to defend against the attacks introduced.

Many organisations are stripping themselves of the power to put their own data to use, thanks to legacy systems, complicated internal processes and privacy concerns.

Heart for service and making Ut Prosim a practical reality

This interactive panel session will cover how to unlock the value of your sensitive data, to ensure that it's being used effectively and efficiently across the enterprise. Pierre-Andre Maugis Privitar. Pierre-Andre Maugis, Data Scientist, Privitar Audience members are encouraged to send questions to the speakers to be answered during the live session. Leverage data with an uncompromising approach to privacy.

The world is waking up to privacy risk and privacy harms. Silence is eternal.

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Silence is universal. For its validity, silence does not depend on our world-wide proclamation or on our genuine and implicit acceptance. Silence transcendental has God; Silence transcendental is God.

God's transcendental Silence wants total and perfect manifestation here on earth. Why do we need silence? We need silence precisely because we need abiding satisfaction. Why do we need satisfaction?

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We need satisfaction because of our inner divinity's Immortality. How do we achieve satisfaction? We achieve satisfaction by purifying our mind, illumining our heart and liberating our life. Practical reality is also sound.

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Silence prepares the life of aspiration. Sound reveals the life of aspiration. Love fulfils the life of aspiration. Silence immortalises the life of aspiration. A life without silence is a goalless life. A life without sound is a meaningless life. A life without love is a helpless life. The man who knows that God is within him feels his goal within and without. The man who knows that he is for God is bound to feel that his life is meaningful.

He who has discovered the truth that he is of God is bound to feel that his life can never be hopeless. On the contrary, his is the life of adamantine will; his is the life of all-energising, all-fulfilling, all-pervading reality.

Practical Reality: Real-World Uses for 3D Printing

When a seeker feels God's Presence within him, he smiles the smile of God-transcendence. When he feels that he is for God, he sings the song of God-compassion. When he feels that he is eternally of God, he dances the dance of God-perfection. Practical reality is Delight. Delight is God's Eye of Compassion and Liberation.