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Truth and Speech Acts. Dirk Greimann. Alexis G. The Possibility of Naturalism. Literature, Ethics, and Aesthetics. The Surface Effect. Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language. Gillian Russell. The Rationality of Science. Science For Humanism.

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Charles R. Metaepistemology and Skepticism. Richard A. Deleuze and Pragmatism. Simone Bignall.

Urszula M. Zeglen

Hayley G. Ordinary Objects. Amie Thomasson. Pragmatism's Advantage. Joseph Margolis. Naturalism and Normativity. Mario De Caro. Naturalism and the Human Condition.

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    "Review of “Hilary Putnam: Pragmatism and Realism”" by David Boersema

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    Philosophy and the Vision of Language. Paul M. Plato Etc. Concepts and Reality in the History of Philosophy.

    1. The Meaning of Pragmatism: James

    Fiona Ellis. Scientific Realism and the Rationality of Science. Howard Sankey. From Rules to Meanings. The Constitutive A Priori. Arthur Sullivan. Donald Davidson.

    Hilary Putnam--Naive Realism and Qualia

    Urszula M. According to Aristotle , this ability to discover and carry out the proper goals of human life is a vital element in moral deliberation. State, and Douglas J. Also see CE. Although used pre-philosophically simply in reference to the "breath of life," the term was associated by presocratic philosophers , including especially Anaxagoras , with an explanatory principle.

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    • Plato expanded upon this view with a detailed account of the tripartate soul , with associated human virtues, and an argument for the immortality of its rational component. Aristotle restored a broader sense of the term, using it for the several functions characteristic of living things generally. Neoplatonic thinkers made it the cosmic principle of all motion.

      Recommended Reading: F. Also see PP. Pufendorf, Samuel German political philosopher. In De jure naturae et gentium On the Law of Nature and Nations and De officio hominis et civis On the Duty of Man and Citizen Pufendorf defended a social contract with significant attention to the regulative force of natural law. Carr Craig and Michael J. Seidler Oxford, Punishment may be understood, designed, and applied according to any of the three major varieties of normative theory : retribution and reparation focus on satisfaction of duties , deterrence and prevention on securing desirable outcomes , and reform and rehabilitation on improving moral character.

      Oxford, ; David A. Putnam, Hilary American philosopher. Putnam decisively rejects the verificationism of the logical positivists.