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A Guide To Box Out And Rebound In Basketball

Boxing out is a critical part of basketball, as it prevents your opponent from getting rebounds. Boxing out in basketball is a technique used by a player to position himself to best get a rebound after a shot has been missed.


It is so effective that a shorter player can out rebound a taller player. Boxing out is an essential skill for every player on the floor and is especially important for the centers and power forwards, whose primary goal on missed shots is to rebound. To box out in basketball, position yourself between your opponent and the basket, and look at your opponent's eyes to determine which way they plan to move for the rebound. Then, take steps towards the player and extend your arm to touch their torso, but avoid holding or forcibly hitting them.

Next, extend your butt slightly, stretch out your arms behind you to feel where your opponent is going, and slide your feet to either side to prevent them from getting around you. For tips on how to box out in a man-to-man or zone defense, read on!

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To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 10 references. This article has also been viewed 62, times. Categories: Basketball Rebounds. Learn more Ensure a shot has been taken. Often, watching an opponent pass the ball with peripheral vision can be mistaken for a shot, particularly if it is a lob pass across the court. A common, helpful method of determining if a shot has been taken is to listen for your teammates yelling, "shot".

If you see a shot taken, yell "shot" yourself so others can hear you. If you move to box out with your back turned, the player you're guarding can easily cut past you to the basket.

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Boxing out can vary based on what type of defense is being played. In man-to-man defense, find whatever player you were assigned to guard as they are your responsibility.

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This takes practice and quick thinking, but a good rule of thumb is to box out the closest opponent to the basket. If it is clear that a teammate will not be able to box out their own man, and their man is closer to the basket than your man, you should move to box out the opponent closest to the basket. If you're playing a high position in the zone closer to the top of the key, past the free throw line try to select an opponent who is also above the key. If you're playing a low position closer to the basket try to find someone near to you in the paint.

Trust your team when in a zone defense. All 5 players have to box out for it to work.

3 Box Out Drills to Improve Your Team's Rebounding

A rebounding mentality for a zone defense is created by understanding the offense of the opponent and what areas are critical for securing a rebound. If you see the ball bounce off off the rim to your direction, don't be tempted to jump after it. You might miss it and then your man can get an offensive rebound. Position yourself between your opponent and the basket as you anticipate the angle at which the missed shot will venture.

Many players will have their eyes up, watching the ball that has been shot, to try to anticipate how it will bounce off of the backboard or rim. Their eyes will often tell you what direction they plan on moving, so you can move to anticipate them. This can give you an advantage as they are not paying immediate attention to you. Step toward the player. You shouldn't have to move much further than a couple of steps because your opponent will be moving toward you and the basket if they are going for a rebound.

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Extend an arm and make contact with their torso to ensure that you don't lose track of your opponent. When a player of the opposing team takes a shot, you should make contact with your man using your hand or your forearm. Do not grab them or throw your arm with any kind of force, as referees will see this and call a foul.

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  5. Do a reverse back pivot into the player. Turn your body to the opposite side of the arm you extended if you extended your right arm, rotate your body to the left. Throw your arms behind you, and make a corral. Spread your feet a foot or so further than shoulder-width, and bend your knees to lower your body. At this point, your momentum should carry you into your opponent.

    Stay balanced, and extend your butt slightly. Anticipate contact with your glutes and lower back. Get low and use the strength of your base and core to keep the opponent away from the rebound.

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    Spread your arms to either side of your opponent behind you at the same time you are pushing him back with your base. With your arms on either side, perpendicular to your body and angled backwards, you can tell where your opponent plans to move. You should plan to move in the same direction.

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