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Thank you for celebrating and supporting big cats this Earth Day with our conservationists around the world. Recurring gifts can be adjusted at any time by contacting our development department. Make a donation in honor of someone. Tribute Type. Complete Transaction. New York: James Miller Publisher.

The plains of the great west and their inhabitants; being a description of the Great Plains game, Indians, etc.

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New York: G. Dokken, Brad. Genetic tests reveal likely origin of Bemidji road-kill mountain lion.

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Grand Forks Herald, May 1. Grand Forks Herald , May 8. Grand Forks Herald , March 2. Earliest Porotic Hyperostosis on a 1. Donnelly, Francis X. Roar of Mich.

The Detroit News , January Donohue, Shelly L. DeSantis, Blaine W. Schubert, and Peter S. Was the giant short-faced bear a hyper-scavenger?


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A new approach to the dietary study of ursids using dental microwear textures. Doughton, Sandi. Is cougar hunting breeding chaos? The Seattle Times , March Downing, Robert L. The search for cougars in the eastern United States. Cryptozoology Investigation to determine the status of the cougar in the Southern Appalachians. Tischendorf and S. Ropski, The cougar in the past. Easter cougar recovery plan. Fish and Wildlife Service, Atlanta, Georgia, 17pp. Drake, Megan. Drake, Nadia.

A cougar in Connecticut: Scientists piece together the wanderings of a young male cat. Science News , August 2. Draper, David. Nebraska legislature votes to ban mountain lion hunting. Field and Stream , March Ontario cougar mystery deepens. QMI Agency , July Duggal, Sneh. The cougar is out there. Duggan, Joe. Teen shoots, kills mountain lion. Pawing over idea of cougar hunting. World-Herald Bureau , February 3. An unseen snag? Expert says cougar hunting in Nebraska will attract young, wild cats.

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Ernie Chambers short on votes to override veto of cougar hunting repeal. World-Herald Bureau , April 3. Janssen pulls amendment to permit cougar license plates. World-Herald Bureau , April An unlikely foe to cougar license plates. World-Herald Bureau , February Ernie Chambers shows his claws in effort to foil cougar hunt. Dunlap, Thomas. Duluth News Tribune. DNR confirms mountain lion spotted near Spooner.

March 5. Dunmyer, Christina.

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  • Somerset County cougar sightings are unfounded. Daily American. Dunn, Rob. What are you so scared of?

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    Saber-toothed cats, snakes, and carnivorous kangaroos: The evolutionary legacy of having been prey. Earl, David. Eastern Cougar Foundation. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan—Another long journey with a sad end. The ECF Update Has the Champlin cougar entered Wisconsin?

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    Mammal Research 60 2 Ellyson, Tyler. Columbus Telegram , December Emeigh, John Grant. Hunter shoots cougar in self-defense. Montana Standard , October Epstein, Rick. Clinton Township couple believes cougar lives nearby. Hunterdon County Democrat , January Ernest, H. Bleich, B. May, S. Stiver, and S.